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Rajasthan 1st 2nd 3rd Grade Teacher Transfer News 2021

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Eacher Transfer in Rajasthan: Hundreds of teachers native to the remaining districts working in the tribal sub-plan area of the state are awaiting 'Homecoming' (Home Districts - Non TSP). The expectations of these teachers have been emphasized after the state Government announced the removal of the ban on transfers, but there is disappointment in the ban on third class teachers. In fact, ten districts of the state including Banswara-Dungarpur were declared as dark zones by the government. Since then, there was a ban on transfer of teachers appointed in these districts. The last government invited applications for transfers in the Education Department about a year ago. It also directed the teachers of the banned districts to apply, but no decision was taken.

Neutralize option letters too

The Department of Personnel had issued rajasthan specified area subordinate, clerical and class IV service rules in July, 14. It had to transfer the employees of general districts on taking charge of alternative employees in place of personnel who submitted the option to go to general districts outside tsp. The posts of those who opted out of TSP were to be counted against the vacant posts and recruited to the vacant posts.

855 teachers in TSP

The number of teachers not transferred to the home district since the first appointment is 855 in the tribal sub-plan area. It has level first, second, physical teacher, didactic, senior teacher, headmaster etc.

The TSP cadre has been made for five years, so far, the government has not transferred the non-TSP teachers on the basis of option letters as per tsp rules. On transfer of non-TSP teachers, the appointment will be easier for local candidates when the post is vacant.

Suresh Mirdha, Pradesh Convener, Non TSP Teachers Struggle Committee


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