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teacher transfer News October 2019 : शिक्षा विभाग में इधर-उधर तबादलों का सीजन खत्म

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teacher transfer News October 2019 :  शिक्षा विभाग में इधर-उधर तबादलों का सीजन खत्म

The principals of 2606 schools in the Department of Education have been shifted. The transfer lists were released late Sunday night. The transfer of education department has been going on in Jaipur for the last six days.
On transfer, a day before the r.c., a transfer list of 18 subjects, including the principal, was issued by late night. A total of 7964 education officers have been shifted to the Department. These include 286 HM, 5072 Lecturers and 2606 Principals. Meanwhile, ministerial personnel have also been transferred district-wise. The transfer to the Department of Education was discussed in the Samwar Kaye Education Department. Teachers who have not been named in the transfer list even after the MLA's Dzire are still rushing for transfer. In urban areas, one has been removed and the other has been replaced for non-empty posts. The transferred education authorities have been instructed to immediately take up the new posting.

Transfer of 7964 Academicians including HM-Lecturer

Transfer of Lecturers
Rajasthani 5
Punjabi 2
S.Shastra 11
Painting 42
Lak P. 47
Urdu 56
Commerce 157
English 355
Home Science 40
biologic 218
Hindi 1100
Science 235
History 720
Maths 82
Forgotten 575
R.Science 308
Sanskrit 158
Science 961 

The seven-month-long transfer season ended at 12 p.m. on Sunday night. In the last 24 hours, the transfer was played on a war footing. More than 20 thousand employees were shifted to about 40 departments. About 8,000 lecturers, principals, ministerial staff were transferred. About 6900 Directors, Joint Directors, Medical Teachers, Doctors, Nursing Staff, Assistants, Radiographers, 407 College Education and Technical Education, 150 RTO-DOs and Inspectors, 76 Police Inspectors and 36 Thandhikaris were transferred orders. A large number of frozen lecturers have also been transferred to Jaipur City. It was the minister who was angry with his government's transfers and the CM's residence and office call to express his displeasure. On the other hand, most of the ministers, who were transferred to the finals, left Jaipur on Monday. From the minister's house to the secretariat and departments, people were making rounds for transfers throughout the day, but no one found a minister. In small departments, more than 200 lists of 5 to 10 employees have been extracted.
Number of transfers by category
First Class Lecturer 4500
Principal 2606
Ministerial 488 in Education
Directorate Officer 1290
Doctors, Medical Teachers
Nurse Level I 2300
second radiographer
Pharmacist 452
Female Health Worker 2000
Lab Technician, Dental Assistant 740
College & Technical 407
Lecturer of Education
Veterinary Assistant 196
livestock assistant
Watershed Staff, Engineer 300
Electrical Engineers, Employees 500
BDO 23
RTO, DTO, Inspector 150
Mines Department 135
Department of Agriculture 148
Excise Department 251
Food Safety Officer 35
drug control officer
Police Inspector 76
Accounting Service Employees 300
Village Development Officer 136
Highest pressure on education and medical
The Department of Education and Health showed heavy pressure on transfers. In 24 hours, a fair was held in Jaipur on transfers of teachers and doctors and nurses. Ministers of both the departments left Jaipur by finalising the transfer list at secret places. More than 15,000 transfer orders were issued in both the departments in just 36 hours. On Monday, too, orders were issued on the back date of some. On the other hand, it was the ministers who were angry with the transfers that kept the phones at a high level under public pressure for not responding to the ministers concerned.
Lists to be issued in back date

Several transfers with recommendations and heavy jacks are still continuing and lists will be released within the next week. They are being told the plans of the departments of education, medical, college education, watershed, etc. 

The state government has started debarring transfers to higher education. Teachers' organisations have accused the Government of malice transfer. About 8,000 teachers have been transferred to higher education in the Department of Education from the government. The transfer lists have been taken up after the meeting. State Patron of Rajasthan Teachers' Association National Rajnarayan Sharma said that the state government had claimed to transfer the teachers from the online application in a transparent manner but did not see anything in the transfers. State Chief Minister of the state, Sampat Singh Ayar, has alleged that the government has made malicious transfers to the activists associated with the organisation. Which should be cancelled. If that is not the case, it will be done. Meanwhile, the Rajasthan University and College Teachers' Association (National) has also opposed transfers to higher education. Dr. Digvijay Singh Shekhawat, president of the organisation, said that the government has transferred teachers belonging to the ill-fated Hawker organisation from 500 to 700 kms. He said that single women, critically ill and handicapped teachers have also been transferred. The Rukta National has demanded an impartial investigation into the relocation. 


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