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Teacher Transfer In Rajasthan policy 2021 : तबादलों के विरोध में उतरे शिक्षक

Teacher Transfer In Rajasthan policy 2021 : तबादलों के विरोध में उतरे शिक्षक Rajasthan government teacher transfer policy congress Rajasthan Rajshiksha Order & News 3rd grade teacher transfer

Teacher Transfer In Rajasthan policy 2021 : तबादलों के विरोध में उतरे शिक्षक

Priority to performance in the draft policy
The transfer policy being made for the Department of Secondary Education has given preference to the teachers who have given good performance i.e. best results. Along with this, marks have also been fixed for the seriously ill, husband and wife serving in the state service and stay in school. In order to complete the transfer work, it is also desired to constitute district, inter-district committees as well as state level committees.
तबादलों के विरोध में उतरे शिक्षक
In the proposed format, classification has also been done on the basis of the availability of teachers in the districts. According to this classification, marks have been set. It is expected that it will be approved soon after the objections suggested on the draft transfer policy. Significantly, after the instructions of H court, an exercise has been started in Rajasthan to make a transfer policy.
Here you can see the format --- http: //

Teachers protesting non-policy transfers Over a dozen teachers conference

Jaipur. The two-day academic conferences of teachers began on Friday. The conferences protested against the non-policy transfers in the Department of Education and said that the government should keep a promise by formulating a transfer policy to curb corruption in transfers. The Rajasthan State Women Teachers' Association conference was held at the Government Poddar Lead School in Gandhi Nagar. State Chief Minister Kamla Lamba says, the teachers raised the issue of non-availability of CCL. State Head of Rajasthan Physical Education Teachers' Association, Yatish Sharma said, the conference held at the Government Secondary School of Murlipura Scheme sought appointment of candidates for PTI Recruitment-2018 and new recruitment. 

The Rajasthan Primary and Secondary Teachers' Association conference was held at the Poddar Silent Deaf Institute at Trimurti Circle. State Chief Minister Shashibhushan Sharma says, old pension scheme, opening of closed schools, transfer policy, milk distribution scheme to be reviewed, proposal to be sent to government for the post of Vice Principal. Conference Secrets of All Rajasthan Teachers' Employees' Federation (Adjusted). The girl secondary school took place in Gandhinagar. State Chief Minister Ashok Sharma and the teachers resolved to solve the problems. Chief Guest Dr. Archana Sharma said that she will take up the issues with the government. The All Rajasthan School Teachers' Association (Aristotle) Conference at the Government Higher Secondary School Sodala, state head Ramakrishna Aggarwal opposed privatization of education. 

Rajasthan 3rd Grade Teacher Transfer List 2021

The two-day district level academic conference held at the Rajasthan Teachers' Association (National) was held on the 2nd Saturday to discuss various problems faced by teachers in the open forum. The programme was presided over by District President Kamlesh Vishnoi. On the occasion, District Minister Bharat Bhushan discussed the State level demand letter. State Representative Balishan Bhati said that a permanent transfer policy of teachers should be formulated, posts in staffing pattern should be properly arranged, one time budget release, separate recruitment across the state for the work of BlOs for election work. , replace the new contributory pension scheme with the introduction of old pension scheme, appointment of computer teachers to do school mirror work, conducting school meetings in school prefectures, not increasing the probation period of the same employee again and again, non-educational activities to teachers keep completely free of

The union functionaries greeted the guests with a wreath. Tehsil President of Rajasthan Teachers' Association Ambedkar Subhash Chandra Barolia highlighted the contours of the programme. State Vice President Trilokinath Mahor termed the honorarium of Cook Less Halperas as cumin in the camel's mouth and demanded rs 10,000 for the honorarium of cook-less halpers. BL Paras spoke of promoting education for social consciousness and social upliftment. Chief Minister Dharmendra Mochi said that the organisation has power. He stressed on educating the society and educating all parents, especially their daughters. CBEO Sukhmendra Singh has asked all categories of Sc/ST/Cs to be held in the country. Highlights the simple method of scholarships for STs, OBCs and minority students. Palika Chief Rajkumar Punda highlighted the biography of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and called upon him to follow the path shown by him. Rajendra Mandiya seeks to shut down NPS and implement OPS


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