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rajasthan 2nd grade teacher transfer news 2020 : ग्रेड सेकंड शिक्षक तबादला

rajasthan 2nd grade teacher transfer news 2020 : ग्रेड सेकंड शिक्षक तबादलाें teacher transfer list rajasthan secondary education transfer list rajasthan
rajasthan 2nd grade teacher transfer news 2020 : ग्रेड सेकंड शिक्षक तबादला
Rajasthan has given the opportunity to apply for transfers to all 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade teachers teacher apply online for Rajasthan teacher transfer online application 2020 Rajasthan 2nd grade teacher transfer online form Rajasthan secondary teacher transfer

Teachers wait, grade second teacher transfers to 19 will be able to apply

The Department of Education started the process of application, but on what basis the transfers would take place 
The ongoing wait for transfers of teachers working in the Education Department is finally over. Online applications have been sought for transfers of Principals, HM, Lecturers and Grade Second Teachers working in the department. The application process will be completed in three phases. Earlier, The Principal and HM had applied till September 9.
The grade second teachers will now be able to apply by September 19. The department officials said that teachers will only have to apply online for transfers. Offline applications will not be accepted. Though the Department of Education has started the process of application, the transfer will be done on what basis. No guideline has been issued so present. He said that teachers sitting in rural areas for a long time want to come to the home district. Teachers' associations across the district are also demanding transparency in the transfer of teachers from the beginning. Teachers' Associations say that these transfers should also include third-class teachers. Teachers are of the view that the Department is treating The Third Class teachers as being tainted.
: परीवीक्षाधीन कार्मिक का तबादला नहीं हाेगा
: राजस्थान स्वैच्छा ग्रामीण शिक्षा सेवा नियम के तहत पदस्थापित शिक्षकाें काे शहरी क्षेत्र में नहीं लगाया जाएगा
: स्थानांतरित सैकंड ग्रेड टीचर्स काे पद विरूद्ध नहीं लगाया जाएगा
: टीएसपी से नाेन टीएसपी में स्थानांतरण हाेने पर नहीं हाेगी रिलीविंग-ज्वाॅइनिंग
: न्यायालय से स्थगन, लंबे समय से अनुपस्थित कार्मिकाें काे भी नहीं करवाया जाएगा कार्यग्रहण
: स्थानांतरित कार्मिकाें की रिलीविंग-ज्वाॅइनिंग शाला दर्पण पाेर्टल से करनी हाेगी
: स्वैच्छा से अंतर-मंडल तबादले पर कार्मिक काे याेगकाल व यात्रा भत्ता नहीं मिलेगा
: सैकंड ग्रेड टीचर्स का मंडल बदलने पर वरिष्ठता विलाेपित हाेगी

Teachers running during probation period also await transfer
Officials say that teachers running during the probation period are also awaiting transfer. The counselling teachers who have gone out of the district also want to come to a convenient place. Adjusted teachers from private schools want to be transferred to urban areas. Online transfer applications will be made from 10 am to 12 pm at Staff Corner on the Shala Mirror portal. The Director of Secondary Education has issued instructions in this regard. The directive issued by the Director clarifies that application for transfers is only a process and it is not a right to transfer. 
No transfer policy, conditions must be adhered to
The transfer work has been started in the Education Department. The transfer policy from the Department has not been issued as a guideline. But nine conditions have been mentioned in the transfer list of second grade teachers. According to which teachers will be relieved of their commission.
: Personnel under trial shall not be transferred
: Teachers posted under Rajasthan Volunteer Rural Education Services Rules will not be engaged in urban areas
: Transferred second grade teachers will not be charged against the post
: Transfer from TSP to Nany TSP will not take place on relieving-joining
: Adjournment from the Court, long absent emanated personnel will not be taken over
: Relieving of transferred personnel will have to be done by the relieving-joining school mirror parallel

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: Personnel will not get Yagakal and Travelling Allowance on inter-divisional transfers voluntarily
: Seniority will be mourned when second grade teachers change division 


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