Wednesday, 24 March 2021

raj shala darpan transfer application edit option : तबादले ऑनलाइन आवेदन में सुधार कर सकेंगे शिक्षक

raj shala darpan transfer application edit option : तबादले ऑनलाइन आवेदन में सुधार कर सकेंगे शिक्षक Shaladarpan Me Employee Or Students Editing Kaise Kare Shala Darpan staff one time registration | Online transfer application | staff corner portal.

raj shala darpan transfer application edit option : तबादले ऑनलाइन आवेदन में सुधार कर सकेंगे शिक्षक

There is a stir among the teachers with the transfer to the Education Department. In an online application for transfers, principals, lecturers and second class teachers can choose four places of their choice. In addition, the fifth option will be determined by the Department of Education. In such a case, the posts in the four option schools will be transferred by the Department of Education on the basis of the fifth option. Last time in the department, some teachers were shifted to remote schools on this basis during transfers. Now, those applying for a transfer seem to be worried about this fifth option. Teachers applying for transfers are sitting near the house, but the fifth option can turn their back on the sac. Officials may also believe that the place where the maizuda is in place may have to be more troublesome than commuting or the city's desire to come to an end. The applications will be taken from the Lecturers by 14th September. On the other hand, second class teachers will be able to apply from 16th to 19th September.

Schools with vacant posts do not have any online or online information: The Department of Education has started seeking online applications for transfer. However, no information online or online of schools with vacant posts has been released. Teachers are facing a lot of problems in this way. Principals, Lecturers and Second Class Teachers are filling up the options in the application by collecting the details of the vacancies at their level.
What the office bearers of the Teachers' Associations say:
Transfers to the Department of Education should be done under the Transfer Policy. At the same time, transfers will be made to vacant posts. Further, the non-inclusion of 3rd class teachers in this transfer policy has created a lot of confusion in the teacher category. - Surendra Khileri, District Minister, Rajasthan Teachers' Association National Sriganganagar
Teachers to be transferred with transparency
The transfer process should be followed in case the posts are vacant with transparency, just as the online applications have been taken from the department. A positive set of government will be prepared. By giving a fifth option in the process, the Government can transfer the online application. -Amanu Bhadaria, Chief General Secretary, Rajasthan Teachers' Association Progressive Sriganganagar
Education Minister announces transfer in summer vacation, disabled, widows and serious ragi will not get priority
State Education Minister Gavind Singh Datasara had made a transfer policy and announced the transfer to summer vacation. However, the transfer policy has not been made and the time has come for the transfer of the mid-session education during the summer vacation. Now, online applications are being made. It will not give priority to the handicapped, widowed and serious. There were provisions to give them relief if the transfer policy was made. As soon as the transfer applications for transfer to the Education Department began, the Directorate of Secondary Education has also gained momentum. Principals, Lecturers and Second Class Teachers, who want transfers throughout the day, are circling the Directorate. In this link, the teachers are meeting the Director and making an online application and making applications for transfer to the desired place. The director, on the other hand, sends him an online application asking for transfer. 


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